3 Actionable Tips to Get More Leads Infographic

These are proven techniques to get more inbound leads coming into your business. They’ve been effective for others, and they can be effective for your business.


Your Headline: Change your Headline and tell prospective clients what you’re about.

You’re not trying to land a job, you’re trying to land clients. Potential clients want to see that you’re happy where you are and that they would be happy working with you.

Make your headline a snappy but powerful value proposition. For example, “Small Business Attorney: I help small businesses with leases, employment contracts,  and FTC Compliance.” instead of “Small Business Attorney.”

Endorsements: Put skills you need endorsements for as your top 3 in your list.

The skills you place in your top 3 on your profile page are the 3 LinkedIn is going to show other users when they suggest that they endorse you.

By placing these in the top 3 spots you rack up more endorsements and look better for those skills. When other skills start to lag behind, switch them into your top 3.

Welcome Message: Include a video on your LinkedIn page. This is a very heavily trafficked website, every time someone stops by your profile page you earn a valuable impression.

Also don’t forget to customize your invitation messages to include your title/headline and something that makes you human.


Pinning a Tweet: “Pinning” a Tweet is when you make it stay at the top of your profile page no matter what. This tweet will stay the first visible tweet on your personal timeline.

By placing this tweet first you allow it to get valuable impressions, and you get to ensure you present your best foot forward to Twitter users.

For example, if you’re a dentist running a free teeth whitening lead magnet, you can “pin” that teeth whitening lead magnet to the top of your profile page, allowing it to be more visiible.


Blogging for SEO & Traffic: There’s no way to generate inbound traffic to a website without paying for it in 2016 unless you produce fresh, relevant content.

That means you need to start writing an article a week and posting it to a blog with your name on it, somewhere. Unless you run your own company, you need to keep access to your works of writing.

You never know what great content you write today could be the cornerstone of your own  business’ website one day.

Make 2016 the “Year of Lead Generation” for your business and reap the rewards.