8 AdWords Mistakes NOT to Make with Lead Generation

Conversion Tracking

Don’t forget to set up conversions within AdWords. This tracks your ROI and ROAS.

Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are a must have. If you’re not using them you’re wasting money.

Landing Page Mobile Performance

Check how your landing pages are showing up on mobile. Your site may be responsive, but not all pages respond properly.

Call Tracking

Use call tracking on your campaigns. Not all clicks are created equal. Clicks that get phone calls are worth much more than their counterparts.

Location Extensions

Use Location Extensions. Many prospects choose the business closest to them. Your location could give you
the edge.

UTM Strings (URL Builder)

Don’t skip out on UTM Strings. The best way to accurately track your paid traffic is by using UTM Strings.

1 Ad Group = 1 Landing Page

Not using specific landing pages for each ad group is a huge mistake. It helps Quality Score drastically. If you’re not doing this, start now.

Optimize Your Campaigns Regularly

Not optimizing your campaigns is the worst mistake. If you don’t have time to do it, hire someone who does. Don’t leave money on the table.