Watch the first minute of the following video of Jim Cramer on his CNBC show “Mad Money.”

Pay close attention to the 36-42 second marks.

In this video, Cramer is discussing a developing story about a merger between Dow Chemical and DuPont. At the 36 second mark, he begins to tell viewers they can read a more in-depth analysis of the situation on his website at

He also teases a piece of content from Action Alerts called “the Big Weekly Wrap Up.”

So why would Jim Cramer direct viewers of his popular TV show to go to his website in the middle of a piece about Dow Chemical and DuPont?

Because Cramer knows that we’re not just consuming one piece of media at a time anymore. Thanks to laptops, tablets and big-screen smartphones, most people watch TV and surf the web at the same time.

Since you are watching his show on CNBC, Cramer already knows that you’re interested in the Stock Market. He knows you are a member of the target market of his website as well since it too is focused on the Stock Market.

By sending his viewers to his website, Jim Cramer is feeding their need for more information and giving them more of what they wanted in the first place; information about the Stock Market.

However, what happens next goes far beyond the world of Finance, and enters into the even less commonly understood realm of Digital Marketing.

The Sales Page

This is the page you will see when you go to if you are not already a paid member.

action alerts plus sales page jim cramer marketing

This is what is called a Sales Page in Digital Marketing. You’re shown a Sales Video on the left, and a Feature Box on the right.

There’s a compelling headline at the top offering you the main benefit of gaining insight into how Jim Cramer invests. If you’re a regular viewer of his show, it’s a natural assumption that you are interested in knowing how he invests.

As you scroll down this page you will see testimonials, background story on Jim Cramer and the formation of Action Alerts Plus, as well as that of Jack Mohr, Research Director.

action alerts testimonials and story of jim cramer marketing

By directing Mad Money viewers to Jim Cramer is giving his viewers the chance to get more of what they want from him, and the opportunity to get it for free for 14 days.

However, once you enter your email into the opt-in box at the bottom of the page to start your free 14 days, you will then enter into the Action Alerts Plus marketing funnel, and begin your path towards becoming a paid subscriber.

Through Email Marketing and an Autoresponder Series, you will then be courted by Action Alerts to become a monthly paid subscriber to continue getting insider access to how Jim Cramer trades.

Jim Cramer’s Marketing Strategy

Jim Cramer’s digital marketing strategy is incredibly effective. He gives you financial analysis and insight in his show, Mad Money, and he offers you the chance to get even more analysis and insight through products on his website. He even lets you sample the product for 14 days before you decide you want to pay for it.

You might also get a Twitter shoutout thanking you for your subscription.

Jim Cramer thanking action alerts plus new member

No one should be surprised though that Jim Cramer knows his way around an online marketing strategy; he founded his bell-weather website in 1996 after all, a time when major, profit-producing blogs were virtually non-existent.

Here’s a snapshot of how looks now.

The Jim Cramer Digital Marketing

Driving Traffic

You can see that the website is a high-powered content producing machine. Videos, articles, interviews, all created to drive traffic to If you’re interested in finance, this website is a gold mine.

Jim does a great job of keeping the website front and center not only through his TV show, bu talso with his social media accounts. He live-streams himself on the set of Mad Money through Twitter’s network Periscope, as well as asking followers for questions on Twitter which he will answer in video interviews that are placed on website.

jim cramer promoting questions on twitter he will answer on

All of the content created by, the blog posts, the videos, it’s all designed to get traffic to the website so that they can entice you to sign up for a trial of Action Alerts Plus, or one of their other paid products.

Jim Cramer’s Lead Magnet

Rather than using an eBook download, a discount code, or a free course as their lead magnet (read about creating a Lead Magnet for a Small Business here) shows you a preview of their top stock picks that are only available on the paid side of the side of the site, Real Money.

jim cramer online marketing lead magnet

By clicking the “Subscribe for Access” button you will then be taken to the landing page of and offered a 14 day free trial.

Once opting in for the free trial, just like with Action Alerts Plus, you will then be placed into a marketing funnel and be courted or “wooed” into becoming a monthly paid subscriber.

Every Business is Involved in Online Marketing

“But Jim Cramer’s a Finance guy, not a digital marketer?”

In 2016, everyone who is in business is a digital marketer. Or at least their company is, if it wants to make money.

Your website is just a more accessible and convenient place for people to visit your business. Would you let someone come into your store or office and not ask them what they were looking for?

If they showed interest in what you had to offer, wouldn’t you collect their information to follow up with them later?

The process of marketing your business online works the same way.

How Digital Marketing Affects You

You can do things like blogging, advertising, and posting on social media, to get people who are interested in your business to visit your website, the same way that Jim Cramer writes articles and makes videos.

Your business can create a Lead Magnet to collect information from interested prospects, just like Jim offers the preview of the Real Money stock tips.

Tactics such as Email Marketing and Retargeting can be used to follow up with interested prospects and move them further along the buying funnel.

You may not think your business is involved in Digital Marketing, but these days, it’s impossible not to be.

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