This video, made with, shows visually how people search for Dentists on their smartphones. The process is similar to that of many sectors within the Small Business marketplace.

In the Weaver Communications video “How to Get Traffic to Your Website,” I explain how there are three main places within the Google Search Results page that small businesses can get traffic from.

In this video, you can see Google AdWords, Google Maps, and the Organic Search Results all on display.

Particularly in this process, you can see the searcher clicks on a Maps listing and then clicks through to the dentist’s website using the website buildout within Google Maps.

Once the searcher lands on the website, she scans for important info such as the address, and appointment scheduling steps. Her search ends with her calling the dentist to schedule an appointment.

This video is done using a sample search for “pediatric dentist Houston” as the search phrase. Try doing a sample search for  your service in your local area and see where your business shows up vs. the competition.

Click on a few of their websites and see what users find once they land on your competitors sites. Are they easier, or more difficult to navigate than yours?

Going through this process with the point of view of your potential customer can do wonders for optimizing your marketing process, which will in effect allow you to generate more leads from your website.

If you’re not getting enough new leads from your website, you could have one of many problems but most likely you have either a traffic problem or a conversion problem.

Watch the video mentioned above if you have a traffic problem, read this post if you have a conversion problem.

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