social media cover images and profile photos size recommendations

What size images do you need for your social media business pages?



1.7 billion monthly active users.


facebook cover profile photo size guidelines

Facebook Cover Image

851 x 315

Facebook Profile Photo

180 x 180 (Shows up as 160 x 160)

Image size guidelines directly from Facebook.


Google Plus and Maps

Over 1 billion monthly active users of Google Maps worldwide.


google plus suggested header photo size

Google Maps Images

Google Plus Page Header

1080 x 608

Google Plus recommendations.

Helpful resource on Google Plus image sizes here.



167 million monthly active users in U.S. alone.


youtube image size recommendations

YouTube Header Image

2560 x 1440

YouTube Channel Icon Thumbnail

800 x 800 (Shows up as 98 x 98)

YouTube image size recommendations straight from Google.



313 million monthly active users.


twitter cover and profile photo sizes recommendations

Twitter Header Image

1500 x 500

Twitter Profile Photo

400 x 400

Twitter image size recommendations from Twitter.



106 million monthly active users.

linkedin image size recommendations

LinkedIn Hero Image

1128 x 376

LinkedIn Company Logo or Profile Photo

400 x 400

LinkedIn Cover Photo

1192 x 220

LinkedIn Image Resources from LinkedIn


Pinterest and Yelp

100 million monthly active users (Pinterest) 165 million monthly active users (Yelp).


pinterest and yelp business image size guidelines

Pinterest Profile Photo

165 x 165

Pinterest image size recommendations.

Yelp Business Image Size

533 x 400

Guideline for Yelp images.

Amazing resource for profile and cover photo size guidelines.


Social Media cover images and profile photos are some of the most tedious aspects of improving the branding of your small business. Almost all social media networks have different recommendations for their images, due to the difference in size of the amount of space they allow for images on their profile pages.

When your goal is to improve your brand, improving your online presence by way of your social media accounts is a great start. But one of the most important factors in improving your brand is Brand Consistency and Cohesion. By ensuring that all of your Header Images, Logo Images, and Profile Photos all match in some way, you are making sure that no matter where a potential customer first sees your branding they still recognize it as your company.

However, since most social networks have different image requirements, you can’t just take your logo or one photo from your website and upload it to all of your social media profiles. You’ll have to take your logo or a featured image from your website, and re-size them to fit each of the social networks your business is featured.

Sounds like a pain huh? Well, it can be, but if you have any graphic design skills or an employee who does, it’s definitely not a mammoth task. The first step you’ll need is to know what size of cover image or profile photo each social media network recommends, and that’s the first step that I’ve taken care of for you here.

Above you will find the recommended cover image and profile photo sizes for each of the major social media networks, as well as a few of the lesser used ones.