Email Marketing has long been regarded by many companies as a waste of time, something better left to bloggers, eCommerce sites, and newsletters. The truth is, Email Marketing can be the easiest and best way to establish an ongoing connection between your business and potential customers. There are many different ways companies can use email to target customers and lead them into an eventual sale, I’ve listed a few below.

Email Marketing with Weaver Communications

  1. Identifying Their Need Most companies have a contact form on their contact us page, and some even have a contact form on every page of their website. The only problem is that most businesses only have one form that’s used throughout the site. Therefore, whether a prospect is looking for Oral Surgery or Veneers, you won’t know unless they indicate it in when they fill out the form. But what if you had a separate form for each line of service that you offer?Now instead of a generic list of all the prospects who’ve emailed you, you have multiple targeted lists segmented by what line of service your prospects are interested in. Now you can send one email to leads interested in Kitchen Remodeling, a different email to leads interested in Bathroom Remodeling, and another to those only interested in Custom Cabinetry.

  2. Customers Get What They Want Imagine going to the website of a dentist when you’re looking to get your child’s wisdom teeth removed. You navigate to the page titled “Wisdom Teeth Removal” and fill out the form on the side of the page to request more information. Within five minutes you receive an email from the dentist covering their care procedures for wisdom teeth removal and everything you need to know to call and schedule an appointment at your convenience. That’s amazing customer service right? Absolutely as opposed to receiving a generic “Thank you for contacting us, we will respond within 24 hours.”Prospects usually call between three and five companies before making a decision before choosing the one they want to move forward with. How much more would you stand out if you’ve already answered many of their questions and shown that you care about their satisfaction

  3. Quicker Response TimePotential leads who are responded to within 1 minute of contacting you have a 391% higher chance of becoming a customer. That’s almost 4 times as many customers, just by responding promptly! Many times it’s impossible to respond to a prospect within one minute if you missed their phone call or aren’t sitting at your computer to see their email come in. But that’s the beauty of Email Marketing! Auto-responders can be set up to automatically reply to prospects email inquiries as soon as they come in. If you’re crafty about how you write the responses they can sound very personalized and informative, leaving your leads impressed.

Email Marketing is just like every other form of marketing, you get out of it what you put in. Marketing is most successful when it’s working together. No matter what form of lead generation strategy your company is using now (flyers, newspaper, radio, AdWords, LinkedIn) you can’t afford to not use email to connect with interested prospects who are coming to your website. Paying for leads and traffic, or any other form of advertising without using some lead capturing strategy is like paying to run your Air Conditioning at full blast all day but leaving the windows open!

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