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seo tips 3 ways to improve seo

SEO can by far end up being one of the most expensive aspects of Digital Marketing.

(Need a refresher on Local SEO? Read: What is Local SEO)

Luckily, there are some things you can do to your site right now that will begin helping you improve your ranking.

Step 1: Optimize Your Images

Google can’t read images and determine their relevance to your target keywords without your help. You need to rename all of those img2963.jpg files to a file name that includes your targeted keywords. If you’re optimizing a page for Family Law, “family law attorney” should be included in the file name.

Fix your Alt Text. Alt text was originally just text that would show up in pla
ce of an image that could not be displayed. But since the text is representative of what the image actually is, Google reads the Alt Text of pictures to determine what a web page is about. 

alt text image editor within wordpress

Always include alt text on images containing the target keywords from the web page they are located on. For a dentist, you might include “family dentistry office” in the alt text of a picture of your office on the Family Dentistry page of your website.

Step 2: Sync Your Page URL, Title and Heading Tags, and First Paragraph

You should have target keywords for every page you’re optimizing. These target keywords need to be in sync throughout your page, giving Google ample reason to believe your page is relevant to those keywords.

Start with the page URL and work down. If you’re optimizing a page about Estate Planning services, Estate Planning needs to be somewhere in the URL. Following down the page, your Title tag (the biggest heading on your page) and your first heading tag (H1) should also include Estate Planning.

Following down the page, your Title tag (the biggest heading on your page) and your first heading tag (H1) should also include Estate Planning.

seo tips using url structure

For subsequent heading tags you don’t have to include Estate Planning in everyone. You can end up “over-optimizing” which is a Google no-no. When in doubt, make sure when you use your keywords you’re using them in proper context and they flow within your text.

Step 3: Sign-Up for Yext (or an equivalent)

Yext is an online service for which you pay monthly that keeps your citations and listings accurate across the internet. One of the biggest factors in Local SEO is called “NAP”, which stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Having these pieces of information about your business show up correctly and consistently across the web is one of the

Having these pieces of information about your business show up correctly and consistently across the web is one of the single most beneficial things you can do to improve your site’s SEO.

Yext, directory and citation manager helping local SEO

Just think of Google as the world’s biggest referral engine. When people don’t have a referral for a service they need they go to Google. Google, in turn, goes to the rest of the internet. They’re going to scan the web to see what they turn up as relevant.

When you sign up for a service like Yext, you will then have over 100 different websites referring (and linking) to your website, your business name, your phone number, and your address, all listed under the services your provide.

You’ve just added over 100 websites referring Google to you, which now makes Google all that more likely to refer searchers to you as well.

BONUS: Step 4: Produce Fresh Targeted Content

This step will end up being the most time consuming, but if you’re not producing fresh content in the form of a blog, you’re missing out on some major SEO juice. The most important thing Google looks for when ranking websites is relevant results. They want to know that people will find what they’re looking for on your site once they get there.

The way they measure the relevance of your site is wrapped up in a complicated algorithm, but many of the factors have already been talked about above. One of the easiest ways to show Google you’re website is relevant to the topics you want to be found for however, is to produce written content about those topics.

Want to be found for “tax advisors in Amsterdam,” write some helpful blog posts about the topic of doing your taxes in the Netherlands. It doesn’t matter your line of business, Google will love seeing that your website is packed full of content about it.

Use SEO Yoast to make sure your blog posts have the most SEO juice as possible, and check out this article if you’re not sure where to begin writing blog posts to improve SEO.


Take these tips and put them to good use. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to improve your SEO. For more info on SEO you can get a world of information at the Yoast Academy.

They’re the leader in SEO these days and if you run your site with WordPress you have to check out their free plugin.

Also you can check out Yext by clicking this link.

If you need help improving your SEO strategy, request a consultation with me today to find out how I can help your business.

local seo tips including alt text