How Abacus Plumbing Uses Brand Cohesion in Their Marketing Strategy

When you search for a plumber in Houston TX, Abacus Plumbing is all over the first page. How did they make that happen? To read an in-depth explanation of their digital marketing strategy as a whole you can read this post; but one of the most important factors to their success is how they have a presence across the web, on websites such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, and Facebook.

However, when your business is present in all of these places, it’s crucial to make sure you make customers feel like they’re connecting with the same company and brand, no matter where they see your business.

For example, when a potential customer is watching a video of yours on YouTube, you want them to see the same logo, business colors, and even the same tagline that you use on all other social networks and your website.

Abacus does this and more in their marketing. They use brand cohesion throughout the marketing channels they use to create a high level of brand recognition among potential customers in the Houston, TX area. In this post, I analyze Abacus plumbing and use them as a branding strategy example that your small business can follow when trying to grow your business.

Check out these examples:

Facebook Cover Photoabacus plumbing facebook cover photo branding strategy example

Contact-Us on Homepageabacus plumbing contact us

Do you notice how the guy in the picture in the Facebook cover photo is the same guy in the picture in the Contact Us box on the home page of their website? That is 100% intentional. When you see the same image on the contact form as the one you see on a business’ social media profile, it creates the feeling of consistency and cohesion that makes potential customers feel more comfortable, which helps you to build trust with potential customers.

YouTube Profileabacus youtube header photo

Tagline Box  

This box featuring the tagline “You Can Count On Us!” is featured across Abacus’ marketing efforts. From the pictures above, you can see it on their Facebook page, YouTube page, Twitter profile, and you’ll also see it on their website. It features the logo with their tagline which is optimal for building a brand that your customers will remember and recognize.

Twitter Profile

abacus twitter cover photo


abacus twitter profile photo

These two photos draw from the imaging they use on their website and fit well with what they use on their Facebook and YouTube pages. The tagline box is used tor their profile photo and the image of the van gives potential customers a feel for what it might be like to do business with them, more specifically, what the trucks that show up at their house look like.

Takeaway for Your Small Business Branding Strategy

Examples for small businesses don’t get much better when it comes to building a large online presence for your brand. Abacus Plumbing sets a wonderful real-world branding strategy example, an example that you can follow for your business. By setting up all the available social media profiles and using consistent imagery and messaging, you can create excellent brand cohesion that will make your brand more recognizable in the eyes of your customers. The more that potential customers begin to recognize and trust your brand, the more likely they will be to choose your company when they need your service.

(To read about Abacus Plumbing’s Digital Marketing Strategy as a whole: read this post)