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What does it mean to be a “complete solution” in digital marketing?

Many large digital marketing firms claim to be a “complete solution” for small businesses. But are they truly?

A “complete solution” means that as a digital marketer, I consider it my job to help you grow your business.

How do you grow your business? You grow your business by increasing the number of new customers you acquire every month.

So to me, when I say Weaver Communications offers a “complete solution,” I’m saying that I help you to get more new customers, clients, patients, students, organization members, whatever it is that you are looking to get more of.

What most large firms promise is the same, but what they deliver often times falls short. The reason why is because they tell you, or sell you, on the idea of getting you more customers.

But if you don’t get new customers from the advertising campaigns that they run for you, they will fall back on a different metric as actually being their job.

“Well it’s not our job to get you new customers, it’s our job to deliver new traffic to your website. It’s up to you to turn that traffic into customers.”

“Yes but 15 people called you this month from our campaigns, it’s not our fault that you didn’t close them.”

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What large digital marketing firms mean when they say “complete marketing solution,” is that they offer you almost all of the services that you might potentially buy from a digital marketing company.

No matter what online marketing tactic you read about on the internet, they give you the chance to pay them to do it.

But that’s not a solution at all. You might call that a “complete offering.” But it’s not a solution.

What I offer at Weaver Communications is complete responsibility for my work. If you tell me that you need more new financial consultation applications submitted via your website, I consider it my responsibility to get you more new consultation requests.

Not more website traffic, not more key page views. New consultation requests. I design a plan from the ground up that’s designed to achieve your goal, and I use the best, necessary digital marketing techniques available.

That is a “complete solution.” In short, you could say; Complete Solution = Complete Responsibility.

If you don’t get enough new consultation requests to justify your budget, you can stop working with me at any time. There is no long term commitment.

That’s very different from the strategy of a large firm that may require you to sign a 12-month contract. Of course advertising campaigns take time, but what happens when you are in month 6 of a 12-month contract and it is clear their services are not succeeding for your business?

“Complete Solution = Complete Responsibility.”

You don’t have to worry about that with a company that truly offers a complete solution. If you are exploring doing business with a particular company, ask them what their main success metrics are for their campaigns.

Do they consider it their job to get you website traffic? Or do they consider it their job to grow your business?

That’s a significant difference.

P.S. Just because a digital marketing firm is large doesn’t mean it’s evil. Remember when considering signing a long-term contract: Talk is cheap, but getting out of your contract won’t be.