facebook video advertising marketing

Using video to market your website was one of the hottest digital trends in 2015.


The new Twitter owned social media app “Periscope” even offers  a new form of live video streaming that users can broadcast to their Periscope and Twitter followers. These apps always start out most useful for those who have an existing large network to broadcast to, however there will come a day soon when examples such as animal shelters broadcasting adoption days will be common to a variety of small businesses.


YouTube has long been a staple of those who wish to recruit new business via video. YouTube boasts many advantages such as being able to target advertising videos to prospects who have already watched your other YouTube videos. Say for instance you’re an attorney who has a welcome video on her site, you can target everyone who has watched that welcome video with a video ad on YouTube encouraging them to set up a consultation with you.


Vimeo is another favorite of businesses, mainly because of the direct control you have over the videos to not risk the chance of other businesses ads being shown on your video. Vimeo also has a very clean layout and is very simple to use.

Video marketing has become so popular because when used correctly it is tremendously effective. We now live in an age where information and media alike has never been easier to consume. You can watch an entire movie from Netflix on a big screen iPhone 6 these days, and now with everything at our finger tips 24/7, we have become lazy consumers who are unwilling to spend much time reading. Video is more engaging than written content, and it’s easier for prospects to consume quickly.

The psychological factor of video is also a major plus. Instead of having prospects only read your written words which are much more difficult for readers to differentiate from the web copy of any other business, prospects can watch you, listen to you, and even form a personal like or dislike towards you, all from a simple video recorded from your smartphone and placed on your website. It makes it much easier to trust someone whom you’ve seen and heard, and it’s far easier to imagine yourself doing business with someone whom you know just that little bit more.


Facebook has also emerged as a fighter in the heavyweight video ring. Facebook now claims more than 4 billion video views on their site each day, and with that they are now set to go toe-to-toe against YouTube. With Facebook video, advertisers have the option of advertising to Facebook’s much more accurate demographic and behavior data, as well as Custom Audiences already set up from your website pixels.


SEO benefits are also a major bonus of having videos on your website. Having relevant videos on your website that contain original content about your most important service offerings can provide a huge lift to your website over your competition.

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It can be very affordable to find freelancers on Upwork.com who can provide you with very high quality videos at a fraction of the cost of studios. I’ve used Upwork in the past with great success for live action videos and I use Moovly.com to make my animated explainer videos. Don’t underestimate the power of a smartphone with a tripod, or a Macbook and a full weekend of working your ass of though. These strategies can be very rewarding as well.