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Lucas Weaver is the founder of Weaver Communication and author of Explaining Digital Marketing.
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Dental Marketing Blog Post

So you’ve come to this post wondering…

“How in the world could almost everyone offering digital marketing services for dentists be missing out on 94% of the leads that are out there?”

Allow me to explain…..

Dentistry is actually one of the best fields to pair with digital marketing.

There will always be a strong demand for Dental Services and patients have shown that search engines are their number one source for finding a Dentist.

So how does this turn into a bad thing?

Most digital marketing companies are only going after the low hanging fruit. On average, out of every 100 people that visit your website, 6 will contact you as a new lead.

(This is where the 94% comes from. 6% contact you and become a lead, the other 94% disappear like fairy dust never to be advertised to again)

Imagine you’re spending $3,000 a month on a PPC campaign, 300 people each month are visiting your website and you’re getting 25 quality calls each month from potential patients.

Figuring that each patient is worth on average $500 up front and potentially $3,000 lifetime, you’re doing pretty well.


Yes, but you could be doing better!

What is happening to the other 275 people every month who are NOT calling you?!

“most digital marketing companies are only going after the low hanging fruit…”

This is the question you need to ask your PPC company the next time they call and say “If you want to grow even more, the only way to get more leads is to spend more money for more clicks.”

That is absolutely bogus.

90% of digital marketing companies out there today are only going after the easiest to get, minimal effort, low hanging fruit leads.

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(Don’t forget to download the Top 20 Marketing Tips for Dental Practices)

Let’s think about the analogy “low hanging fruit.”

Let’s say your marketing company is a fruit gathering company and you say to them, “I’m going to give you this $3,000 a month and I want you to collect as many apples from that apple tree outside as you can.”

They come back with only 25 apples, the 25 apples that were at the bottom of the tree, that they didn’t have to work that hard for. How happy would you be with those results?

The other 275 people that visited your website but didn’t call you are still interested in Dental Services!

They’re just not ready to book an appointment RIGHT NOW. In today’s age, we’re never doing one thing at a time. We’re multitasking.

Your leads are doing that too. The key is, you have to stay in front of them until they are ready to book an appointment.

What does that mean from an actionable standpoint? It means three things:

  1. You have to have a lead magnet: You need some form of content on your website that entices people to contact you. Whether it’s a cool downloadable graphic about the best toothpaste to use (allowing you to collect their email) or a limited time special enticing patients to book now (fighting against their urge to procrastinate).
  2. You have to Retarget: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Show an ad ONLY to people who have already visited your website while they are on Facebook. It makes your practice look amazing and sophisticated, and it reminds potential patients that your’s is the Dental Practice they are going to book with.
  3. You have to use email:  The bottom line here is that you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars of attracting new patients, some of which will not be repeat patients at first, without having a way to contact them again.

“Once most companies have your money and show you a return, they go into coast mode…”

So why do 90% of PPC companies overlook this?

Because they don’t want to have to do the extra work.

Once a company has you under contract to spend marketing dollars and they show you a return, they go into coast mode.

It’s easier for them to call you and ask for more money than it is for them to create lead magnets for you, or set up your email campaigns, or to create Social Media strategies.

They just plain don’t want to do it.

This is a major problem for you, however. You, the Dentist who needs his marketing dollars working at maximum efficiency to fend off the likes of the Aspen and Comfort Dentals of the world.

Ask your current provider what they can do to improve your conversion rate. Don’t let them be lazy and just go after the low hanging fruit.

If you’re interested in learning about what I offer here at Weaver Communications, send me a note through the contact form and I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Don’t Forget the ‘Top 20 Marketing Tips for Dentists’! It’s a must have if you need some ideas to jump start your practice’s growth.
Lucas Weaver
Lucas WeaverFounder of Weaver Communications

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