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google mobile friendly responsive design website design

On April 21, 2015, Google made a change to their search-ranking algorithm that drastically increased how much their algorithm weighs “Mobile Friendliness” into how well your website shows up. This leaves website owners with two options, Responsive Design or a Mobile Site.

The one thing you have to always remember about Google is what their number one motivation is: The Google User Experience. Over 70% of Google’s revenue is derived from search engine advertising. People may think of self-driving cars and funny looking glasses when they picture Google, but far and away the real money maker is still their search engine. Therefore, in order to make sure Google continues to make money long into the future, they have to make sure that people want to continue to use their search engine rather than some competitor such as Yahoo! or Bing.

Everything Google does to their search engine whether it’s their ranking algorithm for organic search or Quality Scores for paid search, they do to make sure the user is happy and finding what they’re looking for. That’s why when Google announced this new mobile-friendly update, they announced it with the user in mind. Many users find it frustrating to use Google’s handy app or website on their smartphone only to click a link and it go to a page where the font is too small to read and you can’t see where to click. Google knows this, and that’s what they want to avoid.Weaver Communications offers mobile strategy consultation to businesses across the globe and mobile strategy

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Now by giving a ranking boost to websites with mobile friendly sites, Google is ensuring that users will see results that will satisfy their user experience on search results web sites, rather than only on the Google results page. Google wants to ensure that users are happy. That’s why your website needs to be built with Responsive Design. Responsive Design allows your website to automatically fit the screen of any device that loads it. Whether someone is on a Samsung phone or tablet, PC or Macbook, they will see the best version of your site.


Google has promised that many websites that are not mobile friendly will disappear from the top pages of their rankings after the end of this year. This will leave many businesses hurting because new customers are not finding them where they used to.

Use this link from Google to see if your website is mobile friendly:

Here is the link to the Google information release about their new update:

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