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There’s one thing you can do today, right now if you have basic back-end web experience, that will help you start getting more new customers from Facebook. It’s called the Facebook Pixel, and it’s the biggest help to marketers since Google AdWords was released.

what a facebook pixel looks like

What if you had the demographic information of everyone who visited your place of business? Their age, sex, income level, estimated net worth, and more importantly, their interests, likes and dislikes? With the Facebook Pixel, your business gets access to exactly that.

The Facebook pixel anonymously tracks the data of everyone who visits your website and compiles them into a master dashboard of data that you get access to.

facebook pixel demographics

You’ll know things about your customer base such as:

  • Relationship status
  • Homeownership status
  • Income level
  • Net Worth
  • Favorite Retailer
  • Favorite Musician, Sports Team, Movies, Restaurants
  • Job Title

You’ll also know the location breakdown of your site visitors, as well as what types of devices they use to surf the web. With this information, you can learn more about how your typical customers behave, that way you can target them, and more people just like them.

facebook pixel lifestyle information

This opens up new marketing opportunities such as Facebook Retargeting ad campaigns, as well as Facebook Video marketing.

(Case Study: How Masterclass English Generated a 446% ROI from Facebook Retargeting)

You can also offer special promotions on Facebook that will encourage customers to visit you in store. Interested prospects will be able to download a coupon or discount offer from Facebook, and then simply bring it into your store to redeem it.

facebook pixel top like categories

Get Your Facebook Pixel Installed Today

There’s a world of exciting marketing options for businesses to take advantage of on Facebook, but they all start with the installation of the Facebook Pixel. That’s why right now I’m offering to install your Facebook Pixel for you at NO CHARGE.

You will start building a database of interested prospects immediately and get access to more data than you’ve ever had before. It’s truly a great opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes.

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