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Lucas Weaver is the founder of Weaver Communication and author of Explaining Digital Marketing.
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new patients for dentists advanced digital marketing

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Google AdWords Campaign

The first step is we start up a Google AdWords PPC campaign targeting potential patients who are looking for a Dentist in your area.

These are people who are looking for a Dentist but haven’t found one yet. They’ve gone to Google to find a local Dentist. We’re going to run ads on Google so that your practice shows up in the promoted search results on the Google home page in the top 3 slots and the slots on the side.

We’re going to run ads on Google so that your practice shows up in the promoted search results on the Google home page in the top 3 slots and the slots on the right side.
Google AdWords PPC Text Ad for new patients for Dentists

There’s a reason that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from their advertising products such as AdWords. They work.

Recap: People have now gone to Google, searched for a Dentist, and clicked on your ad to go to your website.

They can do one of two things from here:

  • Call you and set an appointment
  • Nothing, and leave your website.

Obviously the best scenario is for them to call you, and a good number of them will, but some won’t. That leads us to Step 2.

“These people are already in the market for what you offer”

Step 2: Retarget Website Visitors on Facebook

Facebook is not usually the best place to start getting new patients because there’s no way to ensure you’re advertising to people who are in the market for what you’re offering.

But we already have a group of people who we know are in the market for a Dentist. We know because they just searched for a Dentist on Google and went to your website.

For the people who came to your website but didn’t call you we will now Retarget them on Facebook.

We’ll show them an ad for your Dental Practice that presents a warm and welcoming message, inviting them to trust their family with your practice.

“97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising”

This is a reminder ad. If the reason they didn’t call you from your Google ad is because they were too busy, this ad is designed to remind them to call you and schedule their appointment.

Sample Dental Facebook Ad new patients for dentists

Forgive the Weaver Communications integration, for example purposes only 😉

Step 3: Go After the Shoppers

If someone has searched for a dentist, clicked on your ad, looked at your website, seen your ad on Facebook, and STILL have not called you…… it can only mean one thing. They’re a shopper.

These people like to take their time in choosing a new product or service, and they like to ensure they’re getting a good deal.

How do we deal with these people? With the timeless weapon called: The Coupon.

New Patients Dentists

With our third and final ad in this New Patient Acquisition campaign, we will offer these prospects one last chance to make an appointment, a coupon.

This ad will contain a Facebook offer. (Facebook Offers can be one of the most effective Social Media Lead Gen tactics if done properly, learn more about using Social Media to get new leads here) A Facebook Offer that is limited in quantity and only available to those who schedule an appointment in the next 48 hours.

It’s time for them to make a move, and if they don’t, they weren’t serious about finding a Dentist.

Advanced Digital Marketing Dentists Weaver Communications

(Don’t forget to download the Top 20 Marketing Tips for Dental Practices)


That’s it. 3 steps to getting new patients into your Dental Practice. You can add in Yahoo!, Twitter, YouTube, whatever you wish. However, the Google + Facebook combo is tough to beat.

When you’re ready to put this plan into action for your Dental Practice request a consultation here and we’ll get together about putting together a strategy for you right away.