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Building Trust with Potential Customers

Building trust with potential customers is one of the most beneficial goals a small business can have.

Small businesses have always had this as a priority. It’s common to see a TV commercial for a plumbing company where the owner is surrounded by his family, or the incredibly common small-child spokesperson tactic that is employed by car dealers across America.

Other tactics include featuring family pets, celebrity endorsers, and customer testimonials.

But why so many commercials featuring family, pets, and celebrity endorsers?

They build trust.

Whether you notice it or not, subconsciously we’re all more likely to trust someone who connects with us on a personal level.

Somewhere deep in our brain we say “Oh he has a dog… he can’t be that bad.”

You don’t even need potential customers to think “Oh I like that business, I’ll trust them and give them my business.” As long as they view you with at least a bit more trust than your competitors, you’ve got a leg up.

If you’re looking for quick, actionable ways to earn trust with potential customers…

Here are 7 ways to start:

  1. BBB Badge on Your Website

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I’ve heard many businesses complain about the BBB because of bad experiences, but the BBB is still one of the most trusted brands when it comes to small business endorsements. Having a BBB badge on your site at least says to your customers that you’ve put yourself out there to be accountable for you service, and that’s always a positive.

2. List Certifications

HVAC companies are required to display their license numbers by law. Doctors and Attorneys commonly display their diplomas on the wall of their offices.

No matter what industry you’re in displaying the certifications you’ve earned and hold help earn the trust of your prospects. It may seem like it’s nothing special to you, but again we’re looking at many factors here that are mainly important because of their psychological impact.

Seeing that you’re fully qualified to do what you do only helps reinforce your trustworthy image.

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3. List Awards

Awards remind your customers that they’ve made a good decision in choosing you. When you find a Cosmetic Dentist on Google and you see that she was voted the “Best Dentist in Ft. Worth 5 Years in a Row”, it makes you feel like she’s a pretty safe bet.

earning trust digital marketing4. Display Partnerships

Partnerships can add credibility to your business and allow you to share in the brand equity of your partner.

If you run a tire shop and you advertise that you only sell Goodyear because of your trusted partnership, you’re showing your trust in a brand that most everyone already associates with quality. By proudly displaying your association with Goodyear, you show your customers that you believe in Goodyear and they in turn trust your belief.

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5. Make Your Business Personal

It’s very common for health-care professionals to include pictures of their families on their websites and in their offices. Health care is a special sector because of the word “care”.

Patients of dentists, doctors, and specialists all want to know that they are going to be cared for. Showing pictures of your family shows people that you care about them. Subconsciously, when people see that you care about your family they begin to see you as a more caring person.

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This works for businesses outside of health-care. People entrust mechanics with some of their most valued possessions, their cars. When customers see that you coach a little league team or you have a dog, they begin to feel that you can take care of their car with no worries.

6. Introduce Your Staff

Showing you’re proud of your staff is always a good sign. If you’re proud of your staff they must be competent. It also helps customers feel like your business is more like a family.

It’s the same concept as when customers see co-workers having fun in the work place. It makes them feel that this is a good place to do business. When they see your friendly staff on your website they get a preview of that before they even step in your door.

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7. Link to or Provide Reviews

If you have good reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook, put those reviews on your website. You can easily slap up a review page and embed your reviews so that people can see the reputation you’ve built for your business.

Don’t worry about having a few negative reviews, as long as there are no hugely controversial negative soap-opera comments that may scare people away. If you have one of these soap opera comments, personally I believe it’s best to respond to the complainer’s concerns in a friendly manner.

If they refuse to be pleased, ignore the review and move on.

Trust is an important factor in every prospect’s mind. If people don’t feel that they can trust you, they won’t buy from you. The easiest way to start growing your business is to make sure that your current customers trust you enough to refer you to their peers.

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