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Lucas Weaver is the founder of Weaver Communication and author of Explaining Digital Marketing.
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Often times once a business gets excited about digital marketing they try to go for everything right from the start.

This can be a deadly mistake.

One of the most important factors in the success of your digital campaigns is allocating a proper budget to allow for their success.

If you’re promoting attorney services, it would be tempting to divide up your budget into equal amounts to target each service line you offer.

digital marketing service lines

However, the more effective tactic is to start with one service line and then build from its success.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Figure out your most profitable service line.

Don’t think about this only monetarily. You may make make a higher profit margin wise on bankruptcy cases, but how long do the cases take to resolve? What type of clients do you have to deal with? Decide which service line that you offer that you want to invest in getting more business, and go from there.

Step 2. Estimate the expense of advertising that service line.

No matter what business you’re in, different service lines will have different costs associated with them. For example, keywords related to Cosmetic Dentistry will be much more expensive than keywords related to General Dentistry. If you’re starting out with a $2,000 budget, $2,000 will go much farther in a General Dentistry campaign than one for Cosmetic Dentistry. If you’re going to target a more expensive service line first such as Personal Injury or Cosmetic Dentistry, just make sure that you have the appropriate budget to allocate. If not, go for a less expensive to promote service line, then use your newfound profits to start promoting others.

Step 3. Analyze your results. (see post: Tracking Your Advertising)

Once you start seeing healthy returns it’s time to start thinking about promoting another service line. However, make sure that you’ve analyzed the results of your first campaign first to see what changes need to be made. You may find that you’ve allocated more than enough budget to your first campaign, you can then allocate the extra budget into your new campaign. This is where the process starts to get fun, reaping the rewards from your success; just make sure to make your success as successful as it can be.