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A Think With Google case study on Gillette’s recent campaign for their new product “Gillette BODY” revealed some exciting information.

Gillette set out with two goals for their new Gillette BODY product marketing campaign:

  1. Create awareness
  2. Drive Sales

Since their target market was male millennials they chose to go with a digital marketing campaign and not use their traditional tactics of using TV or print.

The results were amazing.

The campaign led to four times as many sales as they had expected.

The strategy was actually quite simple. Target by demographic on YouTube with an awareness video campaign to get millennial men to take notice and become aware of the new Gillette BODY product.

Video viewers who clicked links inside the YouTube ads were then taken to a landing page dedicated to the BODY product, detailing its features and benefits.

gillette google product ads

Other viewers who didn’t respond to the ad immediately were drawn to the same landing page through Google Search. When someone searched for Gillette BODY in Google they would have seen a buildout to their organic listing for the exact page for Gillette BODY.

Or, they could have been Retargeted with a PPC ad since they’ve already been identified as watching the video ad within the Google system.

gillette ppc ad

However the potential customer decided to take their digital path to buying Gillette BODY, Gillette made sure they had all bases covered using a Cross-Channel approach so that they ended up on their well-designed landing page.

The campaign was a huge success, seeing that it generated more than 500k new digital orders for Gillette BODY on their website with over 13 million video ad views.

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Searches on Google for Gillette rose 211% as a result of the video, showing a huge lift in brand awareness.

Gillette is only one of the latest big brands to take a serious leap in digital marketing.

You can replicate this strategy for your company on a scale that works for your goals. Read the post on how to adapt this strategy for your business here.

Or, request a One-on-One consultation to improve your digital marketing strategy here.

gillette advanced digital marketing video campaign