Gillette had huge success using YouTube to kick off a campaign targeting young men for their new product Gillette BODY.

They had over 500k new online orders. (If you haven’t read that post yet read it here)

So how can a small business adapt this Cross-Channel Marketing strategy for their own success?

By scaling down to your geographic location, your target audience, and your budget.

Step 1: Branding/Awareness

I see many small business owners who get attracted initially to an awareness or branding solution only to execute it completely wrong. You can’t use an awareness solution as a direct response solution.

The goal of a branding campaign has one goal: to make potential customers aware of your brand.

Video is the best solution for this goal. There’s no less expensive way to get a ton of people to see your company name and logo along with a quick message telling them what you do than with video.

There are two major digital mediums you can use today to broadcast this video to a very specifically targeted audience and with incredibly precise control over your budget.

Facebook and YouTube.

facebook video advertising marketing

No matter which medium you choose to go with, both will allow you to target potential customers in your local market precisely and set budget controls that keep the campaign within your comfort zone.

You’ll need to craft a video that explains to potential customers who you are, what you do, and why you do it, all in 30 seconds to a minute.

Then, you’ll run this video as an ad on Facebook or YouTube for a short fixed time frame such as two weeks, with the only goal in mind being to increase brand awareness of your business within a specific target market.

Example: Let’s say you run a hot tub company in a town of 300,000 people. You would create a video about your hot tub company containing the details mentioned above. You’ll then run this ad for one week with the target audience of: homeowners, 30 or older, household income level above $100,000 a yr, within a 10 mile radius of the city that you serve.

Step 2: Start a Simultaneous PPC Campaign

This step is designed to catch those potential customers whose interest you’ve spurred with your original video. If someone saw your video on Facebook yesterday and then today decides to search Google for hot tub companies, we need to make sure you show up.

This is the Direct Response aspect of the campaign. The goal here is to get people who are interested in your service to respond to the Google ad, visit your website and contact you. Picture the Marketing Funnel here.

basic marketing funnel

Step 1, the Facebook or YouTube ad, was the awareness phase. Now we’re working in the interest phase. The prospect is showing their interest in buying a hot tub and we’re putting your business in front of them as an option.

If they’ve seen your branding video ad within the last week they’re 72% more likely to buy from you than if they hadn’t seen your ad.

(Advanced Strategy: The advanced part of this strategy is possible by choosing YouTube for your branding video and then a Retargeting Search campaign within Google to Retarget only viewers of that video. Using this option the PPC ad will only show to people who have watched your branding ad, meaning you’re only spending your marketing dollars on prospects that have the highest chance of becoming your customers.)

Step 3: Create a Dedicated Landing Page

With this type of marketing campaign we’re way past “let them land on my home page and figure it out from there.” You’re promoting a specific service so it’s time to start selling that service, with a landing page.

Your landing page needs to give your prospects everything they need to know about purchasing from you. This is where we detail benefits, features, trust factors, what makes your business different, and referrals. Whatever you’ve got to sell this product, it’s time to let your prospects see it.

gillette body marketing campaign landing page

Gillette BODY Digital Campaign Landing Page

A beautiful, one page, vertical-style landing page can easily layout all of these details in an easy to read and consume way for your potential customers.

It’s imperative that there be either a direct way to purchase, or a phone number and contact form on this page. We’ve worked too hard to not give them a way to contact you when they want to buy.

Tracking the Results:

We now have a multitude of options for tracking this cross-channel campaign. Within Google we can use Google Conversion phone numbers track the number of phone calls received, as well as Google Tag Manager to track the contact forms received.

We can also use the Facebook Conversion Pixel to track how many of the original video viewers became purchasers, as well as using Google analytics to track the YouTube video ad.

Once the campaign is finished, we count up the profits, analyze the data, and optimize for the next campaign.

If you want this type of Cross-Channel marketing campaign for your business, click here to request a consultation with Weaver Communications to find a strategy that will work best with your goals.