How Cross-Channel Marketing Can Supercharge Growth

Weaver Communications Consulting for Cross-Channel Marketing

Photo credit: Land Rover

I consider myself something of a world traveler, seeing as how I’ve been to a grand total of one country (2016 Edit, I’ve now been to 3 countries and am currently living in Amsterdam. So this joke doesn’t quite work as well anymore). So being that I am such a renowned world traveler, it’s always on my distant to-do list to learn another language.

I’ve toyed with the idea of buying Rosetta Stone for years but I’ve never pulled the trigger. Then one day I saw a commercial on TV for an app-based, self-paced language learning program that operates on a subscription model. Now that sounded like something I could use! I made a mental note to remember the company and go look it up later when I wasn’t feeling so lazy.

One month passed due to my affinity for procrastination. I could not for the life of me remember what the name of that app was. I went to Google and searched “language learning app” and voila! Babbel Language Learning popped up as the first PPC ad.

Weaver Communications Cross-Channel Marketing

This is a perfect example of Cross-Channel Marketing. Babbel was investing a significant amount of money in advertising on TV, they then invested in PPC ads to boost the performance of that advertising. It’s the old adage of 1 + 1 = 3. Marketers today have taken that equation to a whole new level.

Let’s use Land Rover for example. Many have seen the adventurous TV commercial where a Ranger Rover Evoque Driver and his dog race through the streets of Barcelona in pursuit of a beautiful woman who has lost her scarf. The commercial vividly features the impressive European scenery of Barcelona and its fine architecture.

Let’s now picture a 30 year old male named John has just seen this commercial on TV while watching LeBron James and the Cavs take on the Celtics. John doesn’t get to finish the game because he has to head out to meet some friends for dinner.

When John gets to the restaurant he’s a bit early and has to wait on his friends, so he decides to get on his phone to check out highlights from the game. Before his highlight video starts, a 30 second ad featuring the same commercial from TV is shown on his phone. His engagement and familiarity with Land Rover is starting to increase because he has now been exposed to their content on multiple platforms while he is involved in one of his biggest interests, sports.

When John gets back home for the night he gets on his computer to check emails and surf the web for a bit to wind down. After his two encounters with the Land Rover ads earlier in his night, he decides to go check out their website and check out what all they have to offer. Immediately after the website loads, the first picture he sees is of the exact steps in Barcelona that the girl from the commercial is walking up. Instead of the girl however, this time he sees a full layout of six different vehicles Land Rover has to offer and a call to action to learn more about the different models.

Weaver Communications Consulting for Cross-Channel Marketing

So instead of the old model of having a commercial that tells you about a product and then telling you to take the next steps to buy it, Land Rover instead took a new route with the goal being to engage the consumer. There is no information at the end of the commercial to “Contact Your Local Dealer”. There’s no complicated lease offer. There is a strategic plan to first get you to buy into the idea of Land Rover, and then buy a car later.

And just a note, Land Rover now attributes over 15% of their sales to online.

This strategy is not just for the huge companies with the uber-rich marketing budgets. Any local company can employ these tactics. Google will allow you to target PPC ads to a single zip code. YouTube will allow you to target a specific area and even break it down demographically. Online display and retargeting ads are far less expensive than TV, Radio, or PPC, and they can do wonders in increasing the effectiveness of all your other advertising.

If you’re going to spend 5k a month on TV, 4k a month in magazines or direct mail, and another 4k in radio, you need to take the online space seriously and get the most bang for your buck in all of your other advertising by taking advantage of the very simple solutions that are out there.

I leave off with this quote from Henry Ford: “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”