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51% of all digital media is now consumed on mobile devices. What does this mean for your mobile strategy?

Responsive Design

The first thing it means is that you absolutely MUST have a mobile responsive website. 61% of mobile visitors move on to competitors’ sites after encountering a frustrating mobile browsing experience. Even mobile websites don’t cut it anymore. People want to see the full content of your website and they want to see it on their phone. If a potential divorce client is researching law firms on his iPhone, he wants to get information now and make this a successful research session.

Think about it from your perspective, if you’re trying to find out if Dillard’s has hiking boots do you want to view a limited version of their website in which you’re only shown their contact information and a map listing? Of course you don’t! You want to browse shoes. And that’s what they should give you.

Responsive Design is a way of building web sites that allows the content in the website automatically adjust to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. If you’re reading this blog post on a computer, go ahead and try changing the size of the window you have this website open in…

Pretty cool right? Not only will it change with changing the window size, but it will also automatically shift for any tablet, smart phone, or laptop, whether it’s Apple, Samsung, or Lenovo, it makes no difference. Websites with Responsive Design have increased conversions (visitors taking a desired action i.e. Contact From Submission) by 407% from Android users. Conversions on iPhones increase 66%.

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Think about new prospects visiting your website and filling out a contact form even 50% more. What a bonus for your business!

Social Media Retargeting

Now obviously most people aren’t spending 51% of their digital browsing researching local businesses. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anything else that can keep their attention. But how can you reach these people when they’re on Social Media and not on your site? Through advertising…

Have you ever heard of a “Facebook Conversion Pixel”? How about Twitter’s version? Let me break this down for you and explain EXACTLY why you want to get real familiar with it.

Picture this: You’re an attorney. Lisa goes to Google to look for an attorney and she finds your website. She’s on her iPhone because she’s waiting in line at the pharmacy. She’s most likely not going to contact you right now because she’s busy, but she’s still in the market for an attorney and she’s considering you. She reads a bit about your firm until it’s her turn in line, then she closes her phone and doesn’t think about you again.

That’s usually where the story ends. If she called you or remembers to later, you get a new lead. If she doesn’t, you’re out of luck.

But with Facebook and Twitter it doesn’t end there… not even CLOSE. With a “Facebook Conversion Pixel”, Facebook will actually capture the information of every visitor to your website that has a Facebook profile. Now, you can set up an ad to “Retarget” every visitor that comes to your website but doesn’t contact you.

Big Small Business Marketing Podcast

The BIG Small Business Podcast

So in this version of the story, Lisa sees an ad for your firm on Facebook the next day in her news feed and remembers that she needs to call you about setting up a consultation. She steps out of her office to call you, speaks with your receptionist and schedules an appointment. WHAM! What was a lost prospect turns into a red hot lead with a booked appointment!

[click here to listen to the BIG Small Business Podcast]

This process usually takes a bit longer to complete, a few more ad views and a few more days for Lisa to get the time to pick up the phone. But this is a proven process and it works like a charm. The consumer behavior of mobile usage today is a huge opportunity for businesses across America to take their digital marketing to a whole new level. All you need to do is start taking advantage.

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