top 20 marketing tips for small businesses in 2016

What’s in this guide?

  • How to get the most from referral programs

  • How to get your clients to give you reviews

  • Retargeting and how you can take advantage

  • Explaining AdWords (PPC), YouTube, and Social Media Ads
  • Social Media, how to really use it to get new clients

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The Top 20 Marketing Tips for Attorneys in 2016


You need new leads to get new cases. This guide will help you get more leads.

Download the Top 20 Marketing Tips for Attorneys and start growing your legal practice right now.

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Bonus Content:

Your download will also include a link to the Top 20 Marketing Tips Appendix. It contains a detailed explanation and guide on how to execute each of the Top 20 Marketing Tips in more depth. This companion to the guide is a great added resource to help you learn what you can do to grow your legal practice.